Thanks Zonelets for starting this! I'm a creative person and I want to grow my ability to produce things that I'm proud of. I've definitely noticed that I don't give myself nearly enough permission to make mistakes and be bad at things. Dare I even say "suck" at something publicly?

There's a quote from Thomas J. Watson, CEO of IBM that goes "If you want to increase your rate of success, double your rate of failure."

I logically understand this. When I see other creatives "fail", I have a level of understanding, even respect. It takes guts just to be up there. I say to myself it's okay to make mistakes, and to fail.

And at the same time, my actions show I haven't internalized this. My rate of failure has not increased. If anything it's slightly slowed down because I burned myself out (at least partially helped by stressing about making mistakes!). So here we are, making baby steps. On Zonelets. Proudly unprofessional, oozing scrappy DIY spirit, and 90's internet vibes.